Saturday, November 29, 2008

What a joy being pregnant

My second (third) pregnancy is almost over and I thought it would be time to write down how it is for me being pregnant.

It's definetly amazing, in many ways.. Just the other day I stepped out of the bathtub and we have that big mirror across our bathroom wall and I stood there staring at myself.. how freaking huge can a belly get??? Isn't it amazing that my skin didn't cracked open yet?? And where the heck are my organs??? I mean is there still room for me or is it just all for the baby??

And of course it's the most amazing feeling ever when you feel your little one inside of you, the hick ups, the kicking, the moving arround.. and you are just standing still with your hand on your belly, wondering what that little tiny human is doing in there.
And sometimes when you touch your belly and you feel a very hard spot and than a soft spot and you try to figure out which part of the baby it is... (I wonder if baby really can feel that, and when you think you are petting the little butt, you acutally paddle it's little head and it thinks AUA, stopp it MUM!)

But on the downside, and I tell you the longer the pregnancy, the more you will feel there are downsides.. , there is a lot of stuff, what is sometimes really annoying or just hurts.

I had and have major back pains.. it's not like a back pain what you get at the end of the day, no I have more like a nerve not in his place pain.. which can start as soon as I get out of my bed and lasting all day long, or it just comes from one moment to the other.. so I'm never sure if it's gonna be a good day or a bad one. The funny thing is, with Caiden I always had it on the left side, the little Miss gives me the exactly same pain, but on the right side.. but no matter on which side... IT HURTS!

Second bad thing and I really really hate that is my sensitivity to smells! You have no idea how many times I throw up or gagged or was not able to finish a meal because I smell something weired. Sometimes it was just bad smells, like a dog fart (and Nina can do really good ones) human farts (my husband is guilty for that for sure) or Baby poop (and Caiden can do that quite good too) . Raw meat was a big big Throw up factor for me and still gives me a hart time (I seriously dreamed about the smell of raw chicken the other day and had that smell still in my nose when I woke up)

But there are also the smells I only can smell.. I can smell when my husband washed his hair with shower gel instead of shampoo (which shouldn't be a big deal, but it makes his hair smells funny... so I begged him to use shampoo) I sometimes can't stand the smell of his after shave (so he used it and than washed it of for me, before he comes to bed)

I almost puked the other day in a store when I was standing in line and a old man passed by and he had that.. I don't know how to say it.... old man smell.. I guess.. it was crazy and Chris didn't smell anything!

I had to wash my new jeans twice before I was able to put them on because the stunk so bad of whatsoever.

I used gallons of fabric softener and fabric freshner, because I think our clothes don't smell nice enough when they come out ot the washing machine... So I'm really happy when this is over and the only thing I will smell is this beautiful newborn sent which every baby has naturally. I'm really looking forward to that.

Another pain in the butt thing: Pee! I have to pee about a million times during a day and about 500 times during the night. It's amazing, how many times you can pee, when somebody is dancing salsa on your bladder.
What makes it even worse is, that I don't feel it coming.. I'm sitting there... watching TV, don't feel bad.. and all out of nowhere I HAVE TO PEE... and if I don't reach the bathroom in about 30 sec, it gets critical. I never thought that an adult woman can be so close to pee her pants so many times like I have.
And I hate hate hate to sneeze.. because if my bladder is full and the baby is laying on it.. I pee my pants.. that is sooooo embaresing I can't even tell. But yes I did it! I peed my pants because I sneezed. I really really hope this is gonna go away when I'm not pregnant anymore!

Well there are many more things.. starting with having problems to tie your own shoes.. what happens with you balance when you are pregnant and so on.. but I have to quit now and leave the room.. the dog just let out a fart.. you know...


Sazou said...

Awww, wie suess und lustig geschrieben. Manchmal vermisse ich es schwanger zu sein und dann hole ich mir wieder die ganzen Zimperleien vom Ende SS ins Gedaechtnis und sage mir, ich geniesse jetzt mal noch die paar Monate, wo ich meinen Koerper fur emich habe.
Das mit den Rueckenschmerzen hatte ich auch eine Weile, bei mir war es aber meistens wenn ich mich viel gebueckt hatte oder viel gelaufen bin.
Das mit den Geruechen kenn ich auch und das hab ich bis jetzt sogar noch teilweise. Da kann ich oft nicht mehr das Essen weiteressen. Ich liebe z. B. Nieren, aber als meine Mama die letztens gemahct hat und ich wurde eingeladen, das hat es fuer mich irgendwie nach Urin gestunken und da ja klar ist, was durch die Nieren laeuft, musste ich es runterwuergen...
Und das mit dem Pipi hatte ich auch ganz arg in der Nacht vorallem. Kann das sein, dass durch die erste Geburt, der Schliessmuskel jetzt vielleicht nichtmehr so ganz funktioniert also natuerlich auch weil du schwanger bist. Aber ich denke, dadurch wird das noch intensiviert... Oder hattest du das bei der ersten Schwangerschaft auch schon?

Anyway, just a few more weeks and the little one will be here with her newborn smell and all the other joys ;-) Soon you will have your body back for yourself!

Susa said...

you're so cute....
das mit den Geruechen hatte ich auch-bei mir wars auch rohes Fleisch, oder Fleisch, das am Braten war-oder Popcorn *wuerg*.
Hach, ich freu mich fuer Euch :O)