Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Last but not least I'm thankful for all my friends!

Years ago I didn't have much friends.. I was really shy (believe it or not) and later on, people told me that my shyness looked to other people that I'm arrogant.. and a lot of my friends told me that I'm the opposite of arrogant and they were suprised about that.

I had a really tough time years ago. Single, not much friends and I felt absolutly lonley. Pretty much everything changed in 2003/04 I found new people, new job and I started finally to get over my shyness. I found the most amazing friends, online and in real life and I'm so thankful that they always are standing by my side! I was afraid when I moved to the states that it gonna be all over again, but they proofed me wrong. When I was back in Germany, after two years, this year in April, it was like I never left. They were all still there and I felt still like a part of them. Not to mention my online friends, for the first couple of months in the states I didn't know anybody and the internet became my window to the world and I found so many nice people, and when I met some for the very first time in real life, it didn't really feel like a first time, it was just like we haven't seen us in a while...

So I'm really really thankful for my friends and I'm excited and happy to share many many more years with you all!

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