Sunday, November 30, 2008

Christmas presents

so my husband just left with a smile on his face, telling me, he is gonna get the oil change at the car done and buying me a christmas present. And I think that sucks. The last two years we haven't bought christmas presents for each other, because there were so many other things we bought trough the year for the house and stuff and also that I thought it would be silly to buy anything for him from his money. That is a big issue for me, since I don't have my own income.

I have something for him this year, but he knows what it is and well it's his money that I'm spending.. so is that consider a christmas present??

I wish I could get him something without him figuring it out when he looks on our bankaccount.. but I guess I can't.

If anybody has an idea.. let me know.

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Jule said...

Braucht er nicht noch ne genähte Hose zu der seltsamen Jacke die du genäht hast? ;-) Ich denke ich würde irgendwas in der Richtung machen, selbstgenähter Bogenschützer-Aufbewahrungsdings für Pfeile oder ähnliches oder seinen persönlichen Christmascake oder oder oder. Was selbstgebasteltes halt ;-)