Thursday, November 20, 2008

I'm grateful for...

Well Thanksgiving is just around the corner and I thought from now until Thanksgiving I will post one thing that I'm grateful for everyday.

If you want to you can join me, and we all can think about something what is good in our life and what we are thankful for. That can be small things or big things..

So my grateful for today is:

I'm grateful for my healthy children. I just found out, that a soldier out of my husband's old unit has a really sick baby. She is diagnozed with Ohtahara-Syndrome. As I read about the prognosis, I thought how terrified the parents must be. I'm so thankful that Caiden is that healthy little man he is and that he is chasing me around the house.. even though I sometimes wish he would give me a break... just the thought he wouldn't be able to do that is scary. And I'm also grateful that our little girl seems to do just fine too! I know that it could be diffrent! And I thank God everyday for that!!


Sazou said...

I couldn't agree more with you. I'm also very grateful to have a healthy little boy, even though there are times when he drives me nuts ;-) A few minutes later it's all forgotten when he makes me laugh or just does some other cute things.

Anonymous said...

what a nice idea. I'm grateful for having my daughter healthy again. she had a very bad car accident 3 weeks ago during her exchange highschool year here in kansas. So I'm just here now to help her. I'm flying back to Germany next friday and know, that it will get better every day, hoping she can stay here and finish her exchange program.

Good to know, that your little boy an your little miss ;-) are fine.

corinna // vom Patchworkforum

KerstinDiana said...

Was fuer eine schoene Idee. Ich bin dankbar dass das Zusammenleben mit meinem Stiefsohn so gut klappt und wir uns richtig gut verstehen.