Tuesday, November 25, 2008

My tuesday grateful

So today is gonna be acutally a real good grateful, I guess. I'm gratful for my family. My parents always supported me and were always by my side with advice (which I sometimes didn't take, but you know.. you have to make your own experience) . I know that I probably gave them a lot of hard times.. but I turned out pretty good I think, and that's the proof that they did a good job and I'm thankful for that. They teached me a lot of things, which I didn't understand as a teenager, but now I sometimes hear myself saying the exactly same things.. and I believe that they made me a good person!

And my sister! We pretty much hated each other all our childhood long, well not really hated because our parents did a pretty good job not favorite one of us, we sticked together when we were in trouble, but besides that I hardly can't remember a day when we were not fighting.
It got better when we didn't life under the same roof and this year when I was in Germany I stayed 5 weeks at her house without ONE fight! It was more the opposite. We got along really well and I miss her now a lot. Maybe it's because we are both married and have kids now, so we are in the same boat and kind of know how's the other one's life is. She helped me a lot with Caiden ( the picture is the proof) and we had a lot of fun. I hope she can visit me anytime soon, because I really want to show her where and how we are living here. And I really could need her organziation skills, she is awesome in keeping the house clean and organzied and I have absolutly no idea how she does that! sorry for the bad pic, Sandra, it was the only one I could find fast~

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