Friday, July 25, 2008

The famous Guard Dog ;-)

Who knows us, knows NINA our lovley crazy hyper Labrador retriever, here captured with her favorite thing, spying on other dogs. It's so funny how she pulls the curtain a side to have a better look to the open field across the street. When she sees something intresting she starts waking her tail, when one of her furry friends are out there, she starts doing her "Ninadance" which means basically going crazy until I either tell her to stop or I go and check what's out there too. Lots of people were asking me how she is doing with Caiden, or the other way arround. And all what I can say is: Amazing!
She loved him the day he came home from the hospital, I never saw her so gentle with something as she is with him. If I would let her, she would lick him all day long (he must be the tastiest baby ever), she let him take her toys (and he shares his with her as well) he can get in to her bowls, she doesn't mind that he pulls her ears or her tail or sometimes, if I'm not watching, he sticks his whole hand into her mouths and she let him do this too!

When he was just born and cried, she run to me and looked at me, like: Do you not hear him, go and check, he needs you!!! (sometimes I thought maybe she is the better mother) She laid beside his crib for her nap, when he napped, and was right beside the stroller when we were in the backyard. She NEVER shows any jealousy or aggression against us or Caiden.

Sometimes I wish dogs could get older or even better live forever, because I know some day (hopefully in many many years) we have to say goodbye and I can't even imagine what it's gonna be for Caiden to not be with Nina anymore, his big sister his very first best friend EVER! He is probably still a kid by then, hopefully already a teenager, but I don't want to be the one who have to tell him.
But thankfully we don't have to worry about that yet, Nina is young and in good health and she is and always will be our best Puppy-Girl. She is part of our family and I can't think about a better dog for us than she.
I guess it is right what people say, Dogs choose you and Nina was the one who choose us and I'm so thankful for that.


Jayla'sMommy said...

Awwww, what a sweet blog :)
Und das Foto von Caiden und Nina ist ja einfach nur zu suess :)

MiMa said...

Ich find's klasse wie Nina mit Caiden umgeht und umgekehrt. Hunde sind schon tolle Tiere. Und ich denk mal, Nina merkt bestimmt auch, wenn's dir nicht gut geht, oder? Ist sie bei dir jetzt eigentlich auch anhänglicher seit du schwanger bist?

The Coloradosnots said...

Naja, sie ist sowieso immer um mich rum da ist nicht soviel mit Anhaenglichkeit.. aber als ich damals die Fehlgeburt hatte, hat man deutlich gemerkt das sie anders war als sonst... das war sehr troestlich, sie war noch anhaenglicher als sonst und ganz sanft..

MiMa said...

Das mein ich, Hunde merken es, wenn es einem schlecht geht. Als Mario das eine Jahr in Kosovo ist, haben wir ja auf das Haus und die drei Hunde von Maxi und Marius aufgepasst. Nachdem ich Mario weggebracht hab, hat Lissy (Mama) gemerkt dass was nich ok is und kam die ganze Zeit an zum kuscheln. :)
Bei Maxi war es ähnlich, Lissy schwirrte noch mehr um sie rum. Lissy liebt die Kinder auch abgöttisch :) Is schön zu sehen wie sie miteinander spielen.