Wednesday, December 3, 2008

The proof, you can learn to love..and more pink

Ever since we lost our Lucy-cat, Linus has changed a lot, he stays more home, when he goes outside, he is always arround the house, and comes when I call.
He was always the one who didn't care much about Nina's craziness, but since Lucy is gone, they became almost friends. He is ok with her arround, and sometimes, when Nina licks him, he seems to enjoing that. But today he shocked me. Nina was laying there, sleeping and he went over to her and lay right next to her, pushed his face in her coat and started purring big time. It was too cute, I watched it for a while, completly amazed and then I went and got my camera, they both looked up to me, but still were laying together..

So I guess you can learn to love each other... it happend in our House.... I wonder how often I will get to see this, but it was so cute. I also worked a little bit on my pink heart quilt, here are three of the blogs I made yesterday night.

I also finished one of the big blogs, but I can't show you this one, because it has the name from the littly girl who will recieve it on it. And maybe I will be done by christmas.. but no promises.. I also finished one stocking, and hopefully will finish the other two ones in the next couple days.

Caiden and I went to the playgroup today but it was crazy again. I don't really like that turn what the group had taken in the last couple days, but I guess there is not a whole lot I can do about it. I just don't like that there are so many older kids there right now. The group was supposed to be limited for kids not older than 18 month. But today there were even 3 years old. I don't mind when older kids are arround Caiden, as long as the parents are responsible for them. I don't blame the kids, running arround, climbing on stuff and even sometimes throwing things, but the Mom's should watch them and take care that the little kids don't get hurt. Today was a grandma with her two grandchildren age 2,5 and 4 years and a babysitter kid 3,5 years old and all what she did was taking videos with her phone. Caiden is not a sure walker yet, he still prefers to crawl and he also needs a while to get use to the crowd and noise arround him, and he needs even longer when so many older kids are running arround.
He still loves to go there, I do so too, I like to learn stuff from the teachers, I like to chat with the other moms to talk about problems and so on, but right now I don't know if I want to go back there, if it's continue to be like that, I don't see a reason to got there anymore. Caiden was hanging on my legs most of the time today and was to shy and scared to go and play.
I know I should probably get over that, but I think that Caiden can't learn anything from these kids because they hit, they push and they don't care about the little kids who can't walk or talk yet, so they just get pushed out of the way and the moms don't even care. The last time I had to go and have to explain one of the older boys that he has to take care, because they were Caiden and an other little one playing on the floor and he was throwing things. The teatcher told him also, but it didn't seem to bother him much and his mom was writing text messages the whole time.
So we will see, I would love to keep going and I think it's good for Caiden to be with other kids and I do like the program, I just wish they would be more strict about the age.

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