Saturday, December 20, 2008

and one more video


Caiden dancing with his chair...

I post it just to kill some time, we were shopping this morning and I told Chris to remind me of a couple (just a couple) of things we REALLY need and not to forget, because I needed them for baking Christmas Muffins, but guess what, the commisary was super crazy (we had to stand in line for a shopping cart) and Chris was annoyed by the million people and I was standing in the baking isle , trying to remember what I need and Chris was like: what do you need, your blocking everybody hurry up yadi yadi yadi.. ) So I hurried... and of course I forgot the baking powder...

I ignored Chris' idea of making "flat" muffins and sent him back to the store, but he decided to go to safeway, it's a bit closer and hopefully not so packed! So I'm just sitting here waiting, with a half ready dough for him to come back... so why not do some blogging!

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