Sunday, December 21, 2008

A funny story about christmas

I just rememberd that when I went through my pictures and found this one on my computer. This is my husbands grandma. She has 12 children and as you can see on the pictures she is crazy about christmas decoration. Last year was my first time I have been to her house over christmas, and EVERYTHING is coverd and decorated with christmas stuff, it's like you come in a store for christmas ornaments. Even in the bathroom is something christmasy. on side of her livingroom there are several tables set up together with a whole town of christmas light houses.

On one day arround christmas she has her christmas party and everybody is invited. As you imagine, there are a bunch of people. 12 Kids, 38grandchildren (most of them are married and have families on their own) 13 great-grandchildren and so on. Last year I would say there were about 70 people.

So of course Grandma has a gift for everybody. Last year one of the kids got something with a ball (I think it was a kids' baseball set) and of course they tried it out right away. They throw the ball arround a couple times, somebody catches it and throw it back.
Well, of course when you are in a room full of christmas decorations sooner or later something will break, when you throw a ball.
The ball flew in the little light house town and you just heard a splitter noise.
I was sitting on the couch and watch the whole thing, one of the uncles, sitting close to the broken house, grabbed the ball, throw it back to the kid during one of the aunts got the pieces of the broken house and put them in her purse. It happend just in split seconds, no one even said a word, and the house dissapeared like it never exisested.
I stared at them, amazed how fast they reacted, when my husband whisperd: That's what you learn here with Grandma's decoration, if you break something, you better take care of it, so she won't see. ....

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