Saturday, December 20, 2008

catchin up with all my projects

After being busy with all the christmas presents, I started today to catch up with all the projects who have pushed back. i should probably starting on the baby quilt, the fabrics are looking at me all sad, because i bought them such a long time ago and I haven't worked with them yet, but first I wanted to finished at least some stuff before I start with something completly knew. And the little lady will not use the quilt until she will sleeps in her bed, she has a bassinet in our room for a couple weeks, and we also want to use the miracle blanket, it worked so well with Caiden.

So here what I did today: I finished Caiden's Moose pillow, with that fun Moose fabric which I found at JoAnn's, I bought a total of 2 yards and I'm planning on making a couple more pillows for his cuddle cave (which is not finished yet, either) The last block on the "put a little pink in your life" quilt. I just have to add the border and than I want to finish it fast and have it send out!
My Aunt Gerlinde gave me these red and black fabrics to make pillows for her ( I think she has a black leather couch and I can see how great these pillows must look on it) This is a block I'm gonna make three more times to make a pillow.

And what drove me, when I was thinking about this idea, a pillow with about 5 million Buttons on it??? But I'm gonna do it, just one at a time.

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KerstinDiana said...

Tolle Sachen Caro, Du hast aber auch ein Haendchen dafuer! Haettest Du einen Laden waere ich sicher Stammkunde bei Dir.

LG Kerstin