Saturday, January 17, 2009

Urgent call for action

I'm following this blog about a amazing little girl which is very very sick. She had a transplant back in June and unfortunatly all kinds of complications afterwards, she was near death several times and always pulled herself out! She is such an amazing figther and she wants to live!!! Finally they had to remove 90% of her transplanted bowel last week. So she have to be relisted for transplant as soon as possible. Now here is the thing: The state of Colorado is dropping her health insurance! Without healthcare it is not possible to have her relisted!

They dropped her, because she is treated in Nebraska and haven't been home in Colorado Springs for too long! And Nebraska can't take her under their health care, because she is not a resident there! It's a ridicoulos!!!

Read her whole story here! You also can help, if you pass her story on, and on her Mom's blog are adresses where you can send a letter to protest against what the State of Colorado did!!!

Please stop by and read the story of little Emerson!


Susan In Texas said...

This story is unbelievable! Where did I put my pen? Health care in this country is INSANE! Surely we can do better than *this* can't we? Haven't they ever heard of exigent circumstances? What is the matter with these people? Sigh.

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Now where did I put my pen?


Sorry, I have a bad habit of leaving very long comments. *blushes*

Susan In Texas said...

I wrote 4 letters about Emerson so far; one to each of the officials listed. I posted them today. I also put a post about Emerson on my blog. I really hope it helps. Her family has such a difficult path in front of them with just Emerson's health issues to deal with. They really shouldn't have to worry about insurance coverage too. I know I'm preaching to the choir here; I just really hope they reinstate her coverage very soon.