Friday, January 9, 2009

To have a good start

Well, I thought I might get better to work, now that I have "pressure" with the OPAMC, so I sat down last night a sew another bag, this time with green and brown fabrics. It is a birthday present for my friend Annett, and she really liked it, when we met each other today at Panera Bread. I was not to sure about the fabrics, because they are kind of similar, but it turned out not to bad, right? So yeah, I do have a project finished in January, not a big one at all, but still... I'm proud!


Aiden said...

Ich bewundere deine Taschen immer wieder. Wo hast du eigentlich das Schnittmuster her?

Carolin said...

Das hab ich aus einer Zeitschrift. Es war eigentlich fuer ne kleine Tasche (Pursesize) und ich hab es dann vergroessert (Diaperbagsize) bin momentan noch am Ueberlegen ob ich noch ne Mittlere Groesse entwerfen soll.