Friday, October 17, 2008

What a great suprise!! The stitchers Angel Project!!

Yesterday me and Caiden went out to get the mail. On our mailbox where a big package. I was wondering, I didn't order anything, and my family just sent me a package, so I was not waiting on anything... What could it be?? I looked at the sender's name... Yvonne from the Netherlands...
I don't know anyone with this name.. I already felt guilty because I thought I maybe orderd something accidently or so.
I took the package inside and as soon as I opend it, it was clear what it was MY STICHTERS ANGEL GIFTS!!! And look at these gorgeus things Yvonne made for me.
I'm absolutly in love with this one of a kind pincushion. I put it on the window bench right in front of my sewing machine, so everytime I look up, I see and enjoy it.

Yvonne also was so thoughtful and made something for Caiden and our little girl coming. She embroiderd towels for them. They are too cute.

I showed them right away to Chris, because he never actually knew what a sewing machine with a embroidery kit can do.
I also got this beautiful sewing machine cover. What a great idea to keep your machine clean and dust free!!!

And last, but not least a really pretty needlecase. I love that green fabric and the little flowers on it.
I really do love all the things Yvonne made for me. They are really unique and I'm very proud and happy that I was the lucky one who was her Swap Partner. Thank you so much Yvonne!!!!

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Anonymous said...

It was really fun to make all these items. I'm happy the cover fit your machine...Enjoy quilting with the help of the little presents....Yvonne