Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Simple bags and other things

Well, the last couple nights were pretty shitty, Caiden has a cold and a cough. We've been to the doctor today and she thinks it's from his teeth again... man I'm having a party when all his teeth are finally out. The poor little man, is waking up every hour crying, with a stuffy/runny nose, a cough and just plain frustrated that he can't sleep. I told the doctor that I think tyenol is not really working for him, last time when he had a fever I gave him tyenol and he didn't drop it at all. So the doctor told me to switch to Baby motrin, which we did today, and right now he is sleeping good for about an hour. So hopefully we will get a good night sleep.

Otherwise, two of my friends had their birthday last weekend, and I thought I make something little and simple for them. So I made these two bags. They are big engough for doing a little bit of shopping, or keep them in the car, just in case. I like them a lot. And to make them goes really fast.

Last weekend we also went to the Rock ledge Farm Volksfest and there was a big arts and crafts show and I bought Caiden this cute little wooden train. It was handmade by that really nice old man and his wife sewed for everything what they sell little fabric bags. I would have bought so much more, but I try to safe money because we still have to set up the baby's room and buy a double stroller.

And here is my little poor sick boy with his very best friend Moosy the moose. A friend of mine gave it to him when we were in Germany and ever since, Caiden refuses to sleep without moosy. He always hugs him tight and when he gets tiered he plays with his ears and entlers. It's too cute and reminds me a lot of my nephew Ben, who has his "Schlurie" a little dog which is with Benny since he is born.
Caiden has a Alligator, my mom bought it for him and he likes "Kroki" a lot too, but Moosy is just his first choice. I'm also working on my stitchers' Angel project and I just finished a little Halloween/Pumpkin Swap in the PW Forum, which I have to ship to Germany soon so it will arrive in time.

So like always I'm busy busy


MiMa said...

Wegen der Taschen muss ich dich noch mal anschreiben *g* ;)

Gute Besserung an Caiden!

KerstinDiana said...

Die Taschen sehen klasse aus!

Gute Besserung an Caiden.

Johns Mama hat sich bei mir gemeldet, er laeuft jetzt. Hab auch Bilder von ihm gesehen.

Geht es Dir wieder besser? Migraene ist echt aetzend, kann man mit normalen Kopfschmerzen nicht vergleichen.

Liebe Gruesse

klugscheißerblog said...

der grüne gefällt mir total gut!