Sunday, September 7, 2008

Look what I found

I went to JoAnn the other day and they have a little bargain sales ilse. I found Debbie Mumm Buttons which were absolutly cheap and so cute, I bought a bunch of them! I'm not sure for what I will use them, some of them I will send to my aunt who makes these adorable button up shirts for Caiden and Ben, I'm sure she can make a sweet Farm Shirt for Benny.

I also bought a Guetermann nostalic Metall box with thread. Isn't it cute? and it has german writings on it. Because Guetermann is a German company.

Today I'm hoping Caiden and his bad dirrahae gives me some time to clean out my sewing room. Poor little guy, since 4 am this morning his diarrhae have been gone worse again and we change diapers every 30 min. there is a weired smell of poop in the house and I sniff on his butt every ten minutes so he don't sit in it for too long. He by the way thinks thats the funniest thing when I sniff at him and giggles all the time. It doesn't bother him in his mood, which I'm really grateful for. I think I found the reason for it, this morning I saw an other tooth pushing through his gums, so I guess that's it. I just hope he will not getting a fever this time again.

I'm so excited only TWO more days and we will find out if the other baby is alright and what it will be. Tina is pretty sure it' s gonna be a girl, and like always I don't have any clue LOL

I just hope it's gonna be as healthy as Caiden is.. that' s all what I'm wishing for. Oh and by the way, because Chris is gone now and will be not with me for the Ultrasound, I have one free spot for some baby TV. so whoever wants to see and meet Baby C 2 for the first time... call me and you can go with me LOL

Tina, Caiden and I had a wonderful day, yesterday. We went to old Colorado City to the farmers market and to the commisary (not so The weather was just beautiful. Wonderful deep blue sky, a little breeze and a lot of sunshine. We took a walk with Nina to the playground and like always Caiden was crazy about the slide. It's just his favorite thing.

We had some yummi icecream at our house and later we met Leah and went to eat Sushi (no worries, I ate California Rolls who are made only out of cooked fish) after that we stopped at Leah's house to say hi to her three kids ( 3 year old Twins and a 16month old) and her husband Justin who was deployed with Matt. Leah is a quilter as well and showed me the stuff she is working on right now for a craft show in two weeks. She also mentioned the designer Amy Butler and I found some need stuff online from her.. Defenitly a name to remember.

Well that was our day yesterday, we miss Tina a lot and I'm thinking about visiting her soon as possible.

Chris called yesterday he is somewhere in Texas right now and I hope he will know soon where he is going and when he comes back. Because of the craziness last week we didn't had a really nice good bye, because I thought he would call me later anyways to tell me he would not leave. I feel now that I didn't really said bye which sucks, but I'm just hoping now he is not gonna be gone for too long.

On Sept 13th there is a Pumpkin Patch on the Happy Apple Farm I really want to go, because I think it would be fun for Caiden to drive arround with the tractor and pick his own little Pumpkin. So if anybody is in the mood for that, let me know and we can go over there together, I'm gonna ask Anita with her two girls and Anett (her daugther Isabella is in Caiden's playgroup and she has a 3 year old boy too) I'm sure the kids would have fun.


Jayla'sMommy said...

Hoffe Caiden gehts bald besser. Vielleicht hat er Durchfall wegen dem Zahnen?
Dann bin ich ja mal gespannt, was ihr bekommt. Ich glaub ja, dass es wieder ein Junge wird :)

The Williams said...

Hey suesse, ich vermisse euch auch schon. Und zu 99,9% ist der spot schon besetzt :D hint hint. Mal sehen ob ich Montag abend schon komme oder Dienstag ganz frueh.