Thursday, September 4, 2008

Noah's Ark and my first stitcher's angel project

I forgot to post the latest picture from the Noah's Ark BOM. I'm still soooo behind (in fact I'm in month 3 and Lynette just reliefed month 7) But I kinda started late and I have other things going on too. But my stitching skills are improving and I'm kind of proud of it.
This is month 2 the dove sorry for the dark picture, I took it in the evening.
And month 1 the rabbits, I had some problems with the flowers, but I watched the tutorial video and now I do better.

I also finished the stitching last night on the stitcher's angel project. I choose pastell colors to match the fabric a little bit better, I hope my Angel partner will like it. It was very fun to make and I'm so proud of my french knot's.
Here a close up on the stitching. I think I'm gonna fill this tiny tote with some sewing goodies to make it a suprise.

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Joy said...

I'm doing the Noah BOM too ... Love it :o)!! Your stitching is lovely ... I'm sure whoever your Angel partner is will just love your gift :o).