Sunday, May 24, 2009

Nina Show-off

Because Nina had a "brainfart" today, and not only digged in the trashcan, she also carried trash all over the house include a coffee filter and coffee ground were all over the house when we came home and I had to clean the kitchen, the livingroom and shampoo the carpet downstairs because there were coffee spots on it. I thought I need a little proof that she is a good girl and kind of smart too. I don't know what hit her, we were gone just for two hours and she did all that shit, and then we leave her alone for over 5 hours and she doesn't do anything..

But we love her, she is a sweet dog and hopefully she will not do it again... (good luck with that one)

1 comment:

MiMa said...

Ich kann dir sagen, wer mit glänzenden Augen vor'm Rechner sass *zwinker* und mich danach mit einem "Auch haben wollen" Blick angeschaut hat :)
Ein Streichler und Knuddler für Nina