Saturday, May 23, 2009

how come??

that we go out for buying a summer dress for ME and come home with shoes for Caiden and a coffee grinder for Chris???

That is just wrong.. but the shoes are really cute and they were a really good deal as well. I'm really crazy about shoes for Caiden. They have to be good shoes, flexible and supportive, so I can be sure he walks good in them. No flip-flops or even heals or any other crap for my kids feet.

For Caiden so far I bought only stride ride or Carters shoes. The new pair are Carters too, they used to cost 30$, but I paid only 13 $, the Schnaeppchen Schneckchen was in heaven LOL.

So maybe I will find a dress sooner or later... just not today

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Jayla'sMommy said...

Haha, das geht mir auch immer so. Ich hab vor mal was fuer MICH zu kaufen und dann kauf ich stattdessen was fuer Jayla.
Und ich stimme dir voll zu, ich wuerd meinem toddler auch niemals flip flops oder heels kaufen. Jayla zieht aber dafuer meine flip flops manchmal an was total witzig aussieht ;)