Monday, January 18, 2010

Time to say Goodbye

Today I had to say Goodbye to a very good friend.

Stephanie and her family are moving to Ramstein, Germany. I'm really excited for her and I know she will love it, but I'm also gonna miss her a lot. But I guess that's military life.
We met almost 4 years ago, when we both moved to Peterson. We lived on post for about two weeks, when Stephanie, Charlie and Silas moved in right next door. She became my first friend and I really appreciated to finally found a new friend in a new country.
Silas who is now over four years old, was still a little Baby..and all the other kids where not even born yet.. shows me how fast time flies...
He looks so much like Charlie.. it's amazing!
Stephanie and I were also pregnant together, we always joked about, that we maybe end up together in the hospital.. Well Lucy was born just two days before Caiden. So they came by with their brand new baby girl, during I was in labor.
We took the kids to Fountain Creek Park and just let them play and run arround.. and yes Lucy and Caleigh wearing the same coat. Here is another pretty picture I took today, well there are goods things about getting up at 6 am on a sunday (everyday) morning

Stephanie, Charlie, Lucy and Silas we which you a safe trip hopefully everything with the move goes smoothly and I know you will have a great time over there! Give Germany a big hug from me!!

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Jayla'sMommy said...

Ist echt immer sehr schade wenn man gute Freunde gefunden hat und die dann wegziehen muessen. Passiert in der Army leider viel zu oft :(