Thursday, January 28, 2010

Happy Anniversary

Four years ago we got married! on a snowy but sunny friday morning. The day before Chris just came back from the field, we went to our Bachlor!!)
After the "ceremony" we went out for lunch and then home in PJ's and took our first nap as husband and wife together LOL. In the evening I (yes only I) went out to meet some friends and Chris stayed at home (in bed) to catch some more sleep.

That was it.. well later that year on May 20th we had our "real" wedding, with the white dress, the big party and a cake. We just needed to get offically married because Chris had already orders and we need to get my visa.

And here we are four years, two kids, a dog and a house later. Still happily married and I'm ready for many many more years with you, Baby!


Lotte said...

herzlichen Glückwunsch! wir haben im Feb. unseren 7...
hast du acuh foto vo mweißen kleid und torte???

MiMa said...

Herzlichen Glückwunsch noch nachträglich zur Seidenen Hochzeit *g*