Wednesday, January 20, 2010

let's be realistic

So if I look back to the last month, since Chris is gone, I only swam a little over 7 miles. And Chris is (thank Goodness) not gone for 100 months. So I thought about what I could do to have at least a slight chance to reach my goal.

Well, I do more than swimming for workout. I also do Pilates twice a week, and Cardio (classes, Elipitcal trainer, Treadmill und Bike) So what about I count what I do on the Treadmill and the Elipitcal trainer and what I walk, when we go for a walk.

So on Monday I did 1 mile on the Elipitcal Trainer.
I ordered the Personal Trainer Walking for my Nintendo DS, which comes with a Step counter. So maybe I'm really gonna make it!


Astrid said...

Or maybe you could just in calories? I guess then you'd be able to make it to A. and back!

♥Kerstin♥ said...

Den Schrittezaehler fuer Nintendo DS hab ich auch, das spornt ganz schoen an. Wenn ich ihn dranhabe gehe ich mit den Hunden immer laenger laufen.