Wednesday, January 13, 2010

my goal

as some of you saw, I have a swimometer on the sidebar on my blog. I count how many yards I'm swimming... pretty senseless when you don't know where to swim...

So I decided to set myself a goal.
And why not go big?

So I think it would be cool if I can swim the distance between here and Afghanistan.

So let's do some math.

From Colorado Springs to Bagram it's about 7326 miles which is about 12892000 yard..

So far I swam 11700 yards which is about 6.65 miles.. which means I ONLY need to swim 7319,35 nore miles.. as I say it in German: das schwimm ich doch auf der linken Arschbacke LOL

so let's see how far I will get, maybe halfway through a ship will pick me up and give me a lift..

and if I don't accomplish.. oh well, I don't loose anything, right..

So watch my swimometer and cheer for me!


MiMa said...

*Caro Caro Caro Caro*

Lotte said...

*puschel schwing*
das will ich sehen, wie man auf der linken Arschbacke schwimmt *gg

Andrea said...

cooooooooooole Sache!! Ich schwinge auch die Puschel und stelle Lana zur Verfügung, die kann das noch besser als cheerleader *g* Dürfen wir dich dann Flipper-Carolin nennen?!

♥Kerstin♥ said...

Viel Erfolg und viel Spass beim schwimmen. Hier gab es die Aktion walk to iraq and back (oder so aehnlich). Es wurden dafuer Schrittzaehler verteilt.

Mary Pannabecker Steiner said...

Carolin, I work with Coral. Your swimming goal is an excellent one. I used to swim the number of laps of my age on every birthday. One day a little kid asked me what I was doing. When I told him, he said "Wow. That's a long time!". Keep working at it! Mary

Anonymous said...

you go girl. I know you can do this...having a goal makes it easier to work towards. Any time is better then none and it keeps you fit. Can't wait to see you .....not sure when yet though.
Theresa mom