Sunday, August 9, 2009

more visitors

This year we're blessed with lots of visitors, which I think is awesome!!

In January, when Caleigh was born, my MIL was here to watch Caiden during we were in the hospital. She was a big help for us.

In February my sister and my brother in law where here, which was great! I miss my sister a lot (which is weired because we hated each other as kids)

In April my FIL, his wife and Chris grandparents were here, I like his grandparents a lot and I loved the family evenings when we played cards.

Today my cousin with his two friends a flying in. They are doing a big USA tour during their summer break ( all three of them are in Med-School) and stay a couple of days here, before they are heading out to the west coast.

In September my dear friend Britta is maybe coming from Florida. She is german, but she studied at Miami University. I'm really excited about that, because she will be here over Labor Day weekend, when the Balloon classic is in Memorial Park, one of my favorite events here in town.

In October my Mom will come for two weeks, I'm really looking forward to that, too, Hopefully we will still have good weather and can do a lot of stuff.

And then in February Shuttle, Guenni and Andi are coming. They are gonna visist Britta in Florida, go to Daytona, and then catch a flight to come out here. They're all really good friends of us and I can't wait to see them again.

So we still have open spots in our guest room in November and December, so check your calendars!!


Jayla'sMommy said...

Wow, da habt ihr ja jede Menge Besucher auf die ihr euch freuen koennt :)
Meine Eltern kommen uebrigens auch im Oktober zu uns.

klugscheißerblog said...

Habt's schonmal überlegt ein Gästebuch zu machen - wo dann alle immer wieder was eintragen können *lach* ...
Ähm, im Nov/Dez kann ich wohl net :) ..

MiMa said...

Das doch klasse. So vergeht die Zeit doch auch viel schneller. Ihr könnt euch immer wieder auf Besuch freuen.
Die Idee mit'm Gästebuch find ich gut oder ne Art Fotowand an die jedes Mal ein Bild von euren Besuchern kommt.