Monday, August 17, 2009

Little Lunchbag

I bought the pattern for this little Lunchbag on Even though it's small, it took me awhile.. For the outside I used some of the Amy Butler Fabrics that I bought on Ebay.

For the inside I bought some oilcloth, just in case of spilling something (which in my case happens all the time) The little loop what you see inside is a bottle holder. I think it's stinkin cute.. the problem is.. I don't work so I don't really need a Lunchbag and i kinda doubt that the lovley husband would take it to work...(that would be something LOL).

Maybe I will make the pattern bigger to have a messenger bag.. we will see.


MiMa said...

Wow, die Tasche sieht super aus!!!
Um sie Chris mitzugeben, hättest wohl anderen Stoff nehmen müssen *lol*
Wirklich *daumenhoch* sieht richtig klasse aus!!

Karin said...

Das Lunchbag ist klasse geworden - den Stoff finde ich super!

Calines said...

Hallo liebe Carolin,
die Tasche gefällt mir supergut! Der Amy Butler Stoff ist für Taschen einfach genial. Hab den mal in orange/rot-Tönen für eine Tasche vernäht, da fällt mir ein, ich habe noch ein Stück in hellblau...
Liebe Grüße

Anonymous said...

That IS stinkin' cute!

I'm your stitcher's angel swap partner! Just wanted to let you know I'm here! I sincerely hope you will like the things I make for you.

Do you have a favourite colour or style? Anything in particular you absolutely love?

Your secret stitching friend.