Friday, August 14, 2009

Bye Bye Schnulli

everyone who knows Caiden, knows Moosy and the Schnulli, two things that go hand in hand with him. Well I don't mind the "stinky" Moose. But the Schnulli was starting to bother me. Especially during the day. He is already delayed in speech and the Schnulli didn't make it better.
So yesterday I told him, that Schnulli are only for nighttime and he needs to hand me his Schnulli at the moment when he gets out of bed.

Well, I don't want to get too much into it, but it has been two rough days for us. The mornings and after naptime was the hardest, because Caiden had his Schnulli and had to give it back to me. a lot of crying, fits and drama. But after a while he was ok.
So I thought maybe we should do it "cold turkey" and put the Schnulli away for good. So I brought him to bed tonight, didn't say anything about the Schnulli and said good night. And no cry at all, he was awake for a while, I went in to check on him, but he was just laying there.
I'm so proud of him! Such a big boy..
So no more pictures of him like this one!!


Heike said...

In Deutschland kommt da extra die Schnullerfee und läßt Geschnek zurück...gruß HEike

MiMa said...

Klasse, freut mich für euch!! Ich drück euch die Daumen, dass Caiden kein "Rückfall" bekommt und wenn doch, dann wünsch ich euch starke Nerven und Konsequenz. ;)

Jayla'sMommy said...

Yay, super!!
Bin froh dass Jayla nie nen Schnuller wollte, das Abstillen war bei uns schon hart genug...

Heike said...

Super!!!! Der kleine Mann wird GROSS!!!