Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Happy Birthday

My wonderful, extraordinary husband turns 27 today. Wow I guess even the youngest guy is getting old.. LOL.

Today is gonna be just a regular workday, I made a big breakfast for him in the morning, he got is gift (an Ipod) and then I made some food for him to take to work to share with everybody. oh and no cake.. he is not a big cake eater and I'm still on a diet. Maybe I will made some chocolate cookies, but I know that Caiden will eat the most of these.

On Saturday my sweet Tina is coming to watch the little ones and we are going to the Melting pot to eat us through a Cheese, a Meat and a Chocolate Fondue, and then I think we are ready to "roll" home.

Also today was Caiden's first swim lesson. First he cried for a while, mostly because I took a shower with him and he hates that, and than he was freezing during we wait for the class to start. After a little bit he had a lot of fun, we did some songs and worked with the "swim noodle". At the end the kids should jump from the edge of the pool into their parent's arms and of course Caiden liked that the most. he also liked it when I throw a little swimming toy and he was supposed to swim to it and catch.
Swimming must be really exhausting, he is sleeping now for three hours and that without lunch.

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Sazou said...

Happy belated Birthday Chris! Hum, das Date am Wochenende hoert sich super an!