Friday, August 29, 2008

Stitchers Angel Project and the Puzzleball

Yesterday I finished the puzzle ball. It was not quite as difficult as I thought, thanks to the very clear directions from . I did the biggest size which is about a size for a Babyball, the smallest size would be something for a keyholder. I'm actually thinking about it to make some keyholders for small giveaways for friends and family. They way it looks it's seems that I did a lot of sewing, but actually this ball is at the end made out of not more than seven pieces. I have a english directions, too, but there were not quite as clear and didn't have any pictures. I'm proud to say that I didn't have to rip any seems in this project! What a suprise.
Because my husband went on a hunting trip this early morning and had to got up at 3 am, he went to bed right after Caiden around 8 pm last night. So I had a men-free evening. I decided to watch a movie and do some stitching. I'm working on the stitchter's angel project from Cinderberry Stitches. I know I still have to practice and I wish I could take a class, because all what I learned I saw in books and teached myself. But it's fun and it doesn't look too bad.
My friend Tanja did a class in stitching and look at her beautiful results. I wish I would be as good as her.
I also saw this magazine online and I want to look at it, but I never have seen it in stores here. I will keep my eyes open if it's possible to purchase it here somewhere, I think there are some great helps and beautiful projects.

So I'm working on stuff, slowly, but I'm doing it!!


angel said...

Carolin, I like your puzzleball, it turned out great!! And keep practising the stitchery....every stitch will be better!

Mary Grace McNamara said...

Love the puzzleball! Your embroidery looks nice too...keep practicing! If you are looking for some good on-line videos for lots of different embroidery stitches, I can recommend Mary Corbet's Needle'nThread website. She has quite an extensive library of stitches which you can find here:

Happy stitching!