Saturday, November 7, 2009

let the fish swim...

always when it's quiet in our house.. there is something going on and you better check.. Yesterday I was busy in the kitchen and I sat Caiden at the table with some goldfish to snack on. I turned around and kept working on my stuff.. after about 5 minutes I realized the awful quietness behind. I turned around and saw this:Nothing wrong with it right?? well lets look closer:

Caiden let the fish swim... in Nina's water bowl.. and if you are wondering why the waterbowl is on the table... well we also have a active little 9 month old girl who loves playing in the water.. so I put the bowl on the table.. hoping for at least one less mess. Didn't really thought about it, when I sat Caiden there... That's the Mama-you-just-don't-get-it-Look!
The fun was over when Caiden tried to get the fish, which already start to dissolve, back out of the water...isn't he a creative smart little guy??

The little Lady is still not feeling right.. she had some diarrhea and a slight fever because of her teeth.. I guess. She was a little grumpy this afternoon so I hold her for a while and she actually fell asleep in my arms..

I really enjoy these quiet moments..


MiMa said...

Der kleinen Maus gute Besserung.
*lol* Caiden macht das schon richtig, Papa's Fische sind ja auch im Wasser *g*

Mel said...

was fuer suesse Fotos! besonders die von Caleigh und dir. Wuensche ihr ne gute Besserung (sind schon Zaehnchen da?)