Sunday, November 1, 2009

Bathroom, Vanities, Tiles..and other sh***

so far we did ok with the Remodeling... we are still not filing divorce.. so we are doing good.. just kidding.. It's just really exhausting and frustrating, with really not having a budget.. because we haven't planned that and two crazy little ones, and Chris leaving so soon.. but oh well.. we gonna survive.. Yesterday Chris got rid of all the tiles, which was a really dirty and hard work. But he had a big helper.. Caiden was vacuuming all the dust away.. Luckily we didn't run in too much problems.. there was some mold, but it was not on the isolation, so with removing the drywall and the foil under it, we should be good.

Next thing is looking for a vanity... which is probably gonna be the most expensive part. we have a 72 inch spot and right now we have a "custome made" aka two cabinets with a double sink countertop on it.
We just learned the Combo's who are 72 inch wide are either really expensive (1600 and up), really ugly (Koenig Ludwig Style... ) or custome made which makes it expensive AGAIN.. about 500 to 600 for the cabinets and then about another 600 for the countertops and sinks and that is the cheapest to could get.. which we both didn't really like and wouldn't make sence if we go with the nice tiles that we choose. We gonna go with some light natural stone tiles 12 inch on the floor and 6 inch on the wall and I would like to have a border arround the shower, but one 12 inch border tile would cost between 9 and 11 $ which adds up to about 100$ just for the border. So we are thinking about doing akzent tiles on each side, which would only cost us about 30 $, I guess it depends on how much we gonna spend on the vanity..
Here are our options for the vanity:
Go with a smaller double sink vanity combo(combo means cabinet and countertops+sink in a set, just add the faucet) price range between 999 to 1200$ They are arround 60-62 inches wide, so we would maybe add some towl hangers on the sides.
Go with two single sink vanity combo 36 inch wide, price range between 150 to 300 per combo so about 600 total. would fill up the whole space, maybe would look a little akward, because on the top you could defenitly tell that it's not one piece, but that would be definitly the cheapest option.
or you go with two single vanity combos 30-31 inche wide and seperat them in the middle and do the towl hangers there. price range would be about the same as for the 36 inch combo.. it probably would look nicer.. Not really sure about it..
We have on other option.. but I don't think we can really do that.
A couple month ago we saw a vanity combo 72 inches for 900 $ with granite countertops, so just perfect for us. The problem is, it was at costco. They don't have it anymore and they don't know if they ever get it in again. We called all costcos arround here and no one has it. They told us they get furniture in again after Christmas, but they couldn't tell us if the vanity is coming in again. So our option would be: Finish the bathroom buy a single sink combo, put it in there, wait until January and hope Costco gets the Vanity in again, then buy this one and use the single one in the kids bathroom.
If we would knew that Costco will get the Vanity in, in January, I would definitly wait for that, because for that price that thing was really a steal. But we don't know, plus Chris is gonna be gone by then so I would have to figure out how to install that thing (I don't really trust myself if it comes down to plumbing...) and we haven't really planned on doing the other bathroom right away too...
so... I guess we are just thinking and looking arround for now..
What would you do??

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MiMa said...

:o Musst noch ein Schild aufstellen "Willkommen auf der Baustelle K. Eltern haften für ihre Kinder" ;)
Wegen des Waschtisches ... is wirklich knifflig, ich weiss es nicht ...
Ich freue mich schon auf die Fotos vom fertigen Bad und schick dir noch starke Nerven und dass es schnell geht.

*lol* Wenn bei uns was gemacht werden muss, bin ich auch immer froh, dass wir uns danach nicht scheiden lassen bzw. ich geh dann meist schon weg, frag nichts und sag auch nichts. :))