Monday, June 1, 2009

Happy Birthday Nina!

Nina is turning three today! Unbelivable! She was 8 weeks old when we picked her up at the Breeder in Canon City. She was so cute!

And look what a chunk she was.. she definetly was the biggest in the litter, but she didn't turned out as big as we thought she would.

So here we are three years later, about 100 chewed down toys (dog and kid ones) lots and lots of dirt and hair, broken dishes, a lot of food eaten she was not suppose to eat, lots of laughter, love and happiness. I really can say that NO ONE is always so happy to see me, or the kids, or my husband, or just anyone who come to our house (the more the better) as Nina.

She is loving and caring, she is absolutly crazy, a maniac in the water, ball adicted and just sweet.

We love you so much, and you better stay with us for a long long time!


Jayla'sMommy said...

Happy Birthday Nina :) Und wow, wie winzig sie mal war!!!
Wir wissen leider nichtmal wann Midnight's Geburtstag ist aber wir mussten uns ein Datum aussuchen als wir ihn abgeholt hatten und wir haben uns fuer unseren Hochzeitstag entschieden, koennte vom Alter her fast passen ;)

MiMa said...

Happy Birthday Nina!!!
*Hundekuchen und Spielzeug hinstell*

Knuddler + Extra-Knuddler von Mario :)

Mel said...

Alles Liebe zum Geburtstag, Nina! viel Gesundheit und noch viele, viele weitere Hundejahre!

Sazou said...

Happy Birthday suesse Nina!!!