Monday, March 8, 2010

The Zoo

Today we went to the Zoo... again.. We have a Membership and we already went 4 times.. and I'm sure as soon as it really warms up, we will go even more. The Zoo is not really big, but the animals they have are great and have nice exhibits. The Giraffes of course are the stars of the Zoo. But today I had luck getting some great pictures from the Lions. Check out the Crew:

And the Boss himself.. he is a lucky man, has I think 5 women.. (or is he maybe not so lucky??)

Checking out the Ladies

He started roaring and it was LOUD!!!
And my two animals... Caleigh had another fever this morning at 4 am.. but seemed to be much better. I hope she is doing better tomorrow (did I say she had on top of everything else an earinfection in both ears and is on Antibiotics)
and Mr. Caiden who always is soo excited to see his friends.. the HIPPOS!!!


Karin said...

Die Bilder sind klasse geworden!!! Gute Besserung an eure kleine Maus!

Lotte said...

Gute Besserung der kleinen Maus...
Schöne Bilder hast du gemacht. Wir werden auch hier eine Jahreskarte holen, sobald der tierpark aufmacht... Sonst sind wir immer in verschiedene gefahren, aber der ist so nah dran und hat nen großen "spielplatz" dabei (mit kleinen Fahrgeschäften, wasserrutsche, bobbahn etc) da kann ich mich dann auch mal öfter mit ner freundin treffen... und für die Kinder ist es klasse!

MiMa said...

Ich bin so begeistert von eurem Zoo!!!
Klasse Fotos und gute Besserung an die Monstis!