Sunday, March 21, 2010

Koenig Caiden got a haircut


I have to say I was really suprised how good he was! He was sitting still all the way, She used the clippers for the sides and the scissors for the top. Maybe that I fed him chocolate raisins through the whole thing had something to do with it?? I don't know, but still I was so proud of him and he looks so stinking cute now!
I took him to the Ladies hairdresser, because I heard that the women at the barber shop are kind of mean and not really patient with little ones. So I paid 13 $ for his haircut... Maybe next time I try to find a cheaper version..

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Julia said...

schick sieht er aus, dein caiden! :)
hab eben mal auf deinen kochblog gelinst in der hoffnung du hättest vielleicht wieder mal gepostet. ich koche dein hühnerfrikasse sehr gerne nach! vielleicht hast du ja mal wieder lust, ein paar deiner rezepte zu teilen. lg, jules