Thursday, March 18, 2010

The first nice day of the year...

was today! It was so nice and warm outside so we spent the afternoon just in our backyard. The kids played in the sandbox, we had a chat with the neighbors and just enjoyed the sun.
Caleigh and her bagel.. Bagels, Bananas, Applesauce and sometimes Noodles and her soymilk, that is pretty much all what she eats (besides some snacks like Graham Crackers, Goldfish and Brezels)
Miss Nina is watching really close if maybe someone is gonna drop something eatable.

As you can see, the Man of the house enjoys life, little Macho!

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MiMa said...

*wow* Caiden hat ja keine Strümpfe und keine Schuhe an. Soooo warm ist es bei uns nicht. Heut Früh waren es knapp 3°C. Bin gespannt, ob der Wetterbericht Recht behält und es heute zweistellig wird :)