Wednesday, February 17, 2010

ups and downs..

So today was one of the days which has a lot of ups and downs..

Let's start with the ups:

Caleigh did her first step (yes just one) a couple of days ago, I didn't want to post it yet, because I wanted to wait until I could tell Chris about it. I thought he should be the first to hear it. She pulled herself up on the couch, let go and did exactly one stip to the couchtable and hold on to it.. and gave me her little special grin. It was really cute.. I haven't saw her doing another one, but at daycare they said she tried really hard.

I had my job interview for the Lifeguard position at the Y today and it looks like it went really well. I have a good feeling about it. I was super nervous and the swimtest was kinda hard (mostly because i was so nervous) but they told I did great and I will hear from then in about a week, when they did the backround check. So keep your fingers crossed.

and now to the not so good part:

Caleigh has diarrhea AGAIN.. or should I say still. she was ok for about 2-3 days and then yesterday it started again. I'm kinda desperate, I really don't know what else to do.. so I scheduled a appointment at the clinic.. hoping the doctor is not gonna tell me: yeah she might be teething..or there is a virus going around.. There is no way that she is teething or having a virus for about almost 4 weeks now..

Caiden... my Caiden..

after I thought we are already through the worst part of the terrible twos... he just showed me that he is way more strong headed than I ever could be.. The other day he had a major meltdown at a friends house.. about a toy.. it was like it was the only toy in the world and he not only took it away from Dean, he also hit him. I sat him in time-out.. he screamed bloody murder.. than stopped, I explained it to him, he seems to understand, He went back and straight to the toy again, took it again, hit again.. again he sat in time out.. and totally lost it, he wouldn't stop screaming and kicking so I decided to pack up and go home.. I got him in the car, got Caleigh and our stuff and we went home.. with a screaming Caiden in the backseat.. he screamed for about 15 min and finally stopped.. and fell asleep.. I thought well maybe he is feeling better when he wakes up.. he didn't as soon as he woke up, more screaming and kicking.. I sent him back to bed and 30 min later he came back out and seemed to be fine..

but since that, we have one big meltdown every day. And what's even worse, he just won't listen, as soon as I say his name, it seems like he suffers from instant deafness. He doesn't turn his head in he certainly does not stop what ever he is doing in that moment..
It's exhausting.. for me, for him, for everybody..
right now I'm very glad when a day is over and he is in bed and I don't have to deal with him anymore.. I know it sounds mean.. I'm just honest.. I know he misses Chris a lot, and that's probably part of the problem..
Usually Chris came home from work and took over the kids and played with them, during i was making dinner.. well now I have them 24/7 which is tough on everybody..

But oh well, we will get through this.. we have to.. and maybe tomorrow it will work out better than today..

right now I'm taking one day at a time.... which is probably the best way to do it.. but it's also really anoying at least for me, because I would like to know what is happening next..


Karin said...

Ich wünsche dir ganz viiiiel Kraft mit deinen 2 Mäusen.

Hast du Caleigh schon Mal auf Laktoseunverträglichkeit testen lassen??

MiMa said...

Ich drück dich ganz doll und wünsche dir ebenfalls viel Kraft und starke Nerven. Und dass Caiden seine Art zu zeigen, dass er seinen Daddy vermisst bald überwunden hat.

Für die kleine Maus alles Gute und dass ihr bald wisst was mit ihr los ist.

Soll man die Daumen drücken und hoffen, dass Caleigh bald läuft oder magst lieber nur hinter einem Monsti herlaufen? *g*


MiMa said...

Ganz vergessen .... Ein ganz festes *Daumendrück* für eine positive Antwort zu deinem Vorstellungsgespräch!!!

Anonymous said...

I wish you were closer and I could take the kids for a while to help out. I have started looking for flights, but am not sure when I can come out. I think the first chance will be in June....will this work? I know I will be there in September...what days are the Balloon festival?
Theresa Mom

Lotte said...

ach mensch... kann mir denken, dass es dir nicht all zu gut geht, bei all dem drum herum. ICh drücke dir ganz fest die DAumen für dein Gespräch, bzw das Resultat. Hab bei Caleigh auch schon an eine unverträglichkeit gedacht, aber du sicher ja auch schon... udn Caiden... wie alt ist er jetzt? also mein großer war unausstehlich von ca 2 1/2 bis 5 Jahre... immer mal wieder so phasenweise. der kleine wird jetzt 4 udn hat diese Phase genau jetzt. und der Papa ist da. vielleciht tröstet es dich ja ein minimum, dass scheinbar alle kinder und eltern da durch müssen...