Wednesday, September 30, 2009

I don't have a list....

okay latley many people asked how Caidens Speechtherapy is going and I really appreciate that. Caiden is doing very well, he is learning new words pretty much every day and he always suprises me with spitting words out that he never said before.

But if you ask me how many words he is actually saying.. I can't answer that. I thought about it for a long time to make a list (as many of you do and did) of words that he says, but I decided not to.
I did have some issues with, well mostly myself, when people commeted on Caiden's Speech (or the lak of). I took it very personally, and I thought that I failed in teatching him to talk. I know that most of you really did have an interest in how Caiden is doing and don't want to compare kids.

This is something what really upsets me since I have my own children.. all the comparison. My Child is doing this, is yours doing that blablabbla..

It's annoying.. really!!!

I know it was more my own problem because it got me so bad, but I really put a lot of pressure on myself as well as on Caiden.

When Caleigh arrived, and that is part why I think she is a absolutly miracle, it stopped slowly. I learned from my own children, that every child is unique and does things their own way. Now I can both of them be who they are and just wait and see what they are gonna do next.

Today I think I overreacted on Caidens delay in Speech. I'm glad that we do Speech Therapy and I think it helps him and if it's only that he learns to interact with other adults. But at a first time Mum pretty much everything (even the good stuff) what's not "normal" freaks you out.

But I also believe that he would have started talking on his own around the same time, he just needed a little longer.

I don't know if it because he is dealing with two languages or if it's because he is kind of a shy child (he needs usual 10-20 min to warm up with people or in strange places), or if it was just because he really didn't need to talk, he got always what he wanted and he just got tiered of whining about something until I figured out what it was LOL.

So I really don't know how much Caiden is talking right know. I would say he knows as much words in English than in German, he defenitly understands both languages very well and it seems to me, that he picks the easier word (at least easy for him to say)


KaTe said...

Diese ewigen Kindervergleiche kenne ich, furchtbare Sache!
Unser zweiter Sohn ist derzeit auch in Sprachtherapie. Genaugenommen begleitet uns die Geschichte nun schon das dritte Jahr.
Inkl. vorheriger Frühförderung und allem.
Wir werden oft gefragt, wie weit er nun ist. Bei ihm ist es nur noch das "sch" was ihm Probleme bereitet.
Wir mussten sogar einen kleinen IQ-Test machen lassen bei ihm ,weil man dachte er wäre geistig zurü er aber nicht, im Gegenteil.
WÜnsche euch weiterhin alles Gute :o)

Jayla'sMommy said...

Da stimme ich dir zu, ich hasse die Vergleicherei auch.
Jayla faengt ja jetzt im November endlich mit ihrer speech therapy an und ich hoffe dass es bei uns auch so gut klappt wie bei euch! Sie hat mal gute Tage aber dann wieder ganz viele schlechte wo sie sich absolut weigert auch nur ein Wort zu sagen. Das mit dem schuechtern sein kenne ich auch, Jayla ist extrem schuechtern und sie bekommt auch so gut wie alles was sie will ohne zu reden.
Freut mich dass Caiden so viele Fortschritte macht und es gibt mir auch Hoffnung fuer uns, auch wenn natuerlich jedes Kind anders ist.