Thursday, December 31, 2009

Caiden's 2 Year Check up

I know, I know super late.. but oh well, I had other stuff on my mind, plus it always takes them forever to get you in.

Here are the facts

31 lbs "heavy"
36 inches long
14 kg schwer und 92 cm lang.
A robust little Guy, who is really catching up with his speech (finally). He is still delayed compare to other 2 year olds, but he started speaking in two and three word sentences, he expresses feelings and so on. Just today he said: Mama, Kenni Fun (means he told me he had fun at daycare).
He also got his shots (unfortunatly they don't have anything for stubborness or Major-Meltdowns)
His ears are ok, too (I thought there must be something as bad as he listens) so I guess he really grew out of the earinfections.
So we're are all healthy and happy.
Next week is Caleigh's one year check up.. Yes because Caiden was late, I decided to do hers early (or that was the only appointment they had...)

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Calines said...

Hallo liebe Carolin,
kommt gut ins neue Jahr!
Möge es für uns alle ein glückliches und gesundes neues Jahr werden!
Liebe Grüße