Monday, May 17, 2010

just some little stuff

Finally this weekend I squeezed in some time for my sewing.. now after I'm back into it, I

realize how much I missed it.. so her is what I did, not much.. but oh well at least something:A bag for my wonderful friend Britta, she picked the fabric out and I sew.. and it turned out so pretty. two, actually three cloth diapers. I'm having issues with the ones I bought on Caleigh. I don't really know why, but the Thirsties and the Bumgenius diapers leak on her. Caiden is doing fine with them, so I thought it's maybe because she is so little. The Thirsties are requierd for 18-35 lbs and she is 17 lbs. So made my own pattern, I used one of her dispossable diapers to do the sizing.. she still leaks over night, but during the day they seem to work.. we will see.

So that's it for now.. I hope I can do a little more and won't have such a big lack of sewing again


Karin said...

Schön, dass du wieder ein bisschen Zeit zum nähen gefunden hast.
Die Sachen sind super geworden ;-)

Anonymous said...

versuch' mal die gro diapers. die sind super. kannst du dann auch selbst nachnaehen, das prinzip ist so klasse! Iris

Kelly said...

Oh what a lovely bag. And I think you're very clever to make your own diapers.

By the way, I see you've quoted John Mayer's song "Say" in your header. That's one of my favourite songs!